What’s Next?

NEXT Camp is more than just a teen camp; it’s a platform for students and church leaders to ask and answer the question, “What’s next?” 

For the sophomore scratching his way through life and school, rushing closer to graduation, he asks “What’s next?” Or the student who has grown up in church, devoted to Christ from an early age, and ready for more, he asks “What’s next?” It could be students who stumbled into this camp through a friend’s invitation, and by God’s grace met their Savior during camp. And now their question is “What’s next?”  

Many who have come as pastors, sponsors, or parents have left with a new direction, a “next” of their own.  We believe that there is always a next step in our walk with Christ. No matter the age or life stage, our relationship with Christ should always be growing, and we should be continually transformed by Him.

This camp, which was birthed from one simple question, continues to lay the same inquiry before others year after year.

What’s next?

NEXT Camp is for 6th-12th grade students, based on the grade completed as of May 2020.


Our Vision

Inspire: To fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence. Through the teaching of Scripture and the example of humble service, we pray God breathes new life into participants, quickening them to live out greater purposes than thought possible upon arrival.

Apart from equipping people for works of service, all we have is hype. Practical teaching and hands-on experience are Next Camp’s methods for helping church leaders attain Ephesians 4:12 with their group. It is not our intent to create a flurry of excitement that fizzles in the days to follow, but to assist churches in equipping the body of Christ.

Many great camps exist and serve a great calling, but the vision of Next Camp is to go a step further. With a heart for missions and making disciples, Next Camp engages participants in a day of mission work in the surrounding communities. Partnering with local churches, Next camp engages students in various ways to love people and share the gospel. We believe that engaging in serving others is vital to both inspiring and equipping.